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The team at defactor has previously built a Forbes FinTech 50 nominated, global finance platform that originated annually over $50B of assets from corporations around the world.

Core Team

Commercial Lead

Ernesto Vila

Ernesto co-created a protocol to finance RWA of international trade using DeFi. His valuable experience as a leader in logistics and international commerce has been instrumental to materialize his vision

Tech Lead

Bhairav Patel

Bhairav has in depth, reliable experience in the Commerce and FinTech sectors.  He has been the CTO at a series of award-winning businesses located across the globe

Operations Lead

Alejandro Gutierrez

Alejandro has extensive and demonstrable experience in Supply Chain Management and Finance. He is an early adopter of  Real World Assets in the DeFi space and is  working with the likes of Maker and Centrifuge

Product Manager

Jenny Tsaliki

Jenny is tried and tested in the international FinTech field with her previous role as a successful Business Analyst in a Forbes Fintech 50 business


Brian Elders

Finance Advisor

Brian Elders

Co-Founder SORS, Partner Black Manta Capital

Stephen Browne

Crypto Advisor

Stephen Browne

Co-Founder, COO SORS

Blockchain and Defi Advisor.

Martin Quensel

Centrifuge Co-Founder

Osgur Murphy O Kane

Blockchain Advisor

Osgur Murphy O Kane

Director of Accelerator, SORS

Adam Bouktila

Blockchain / NFT Advisor

Adam Bouktila

Decentral / Europechain / dMerch

Finance and Risk Advisor

Dhruv Menon

Consultant, formerly working in structured credit at HSBC and Credit Suisse

Sharif Bouktila

Blockchain Lead

Sharif Bouktila

Decentral / eosDublin Extensive experience in building and investing in technology led businesses

Yuen Wong

Strategic Advisor

Yuen Wong