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The gateway to DeFi


The gateway to DeFi



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The Problem

Businesses across the globe are struggling to access financing as traditional finance is broken; DeFi is an alternative source, but it is not yet fully matured to a stage where it can plug the funding gap.

Macro Problems

Funding Gap

Banks have withdrawn from the SME lending space leading to a major gap in global financing (e.g. Trade Finance — $1.5T USD*) Source: Asian Development Bank

Knowledge Gap

Existing lenders are ill-equipped to understand and lend to new digital economies

Micro Problems

Barriers to Entry

RWAOs (Real World Asset Originator) face high barriers to entry including long on-boarding times and technical hurdles

Stability & Growth

The DeFi ecosystem is in need of onboarding real world assets for stability and future growth

Our Solution

Defactor reduces the barriers to entry for Real World Asset Originators by providing tools to manage and scale their processes and giving investors transparency and governance over the assets being traded.
Defactor facilitates the growth of DeFi by enabling businesses across the globe to access DeFi.

The Gateway to DeFi

How it works

$FACTR Token

$FACTR is the native token of Defactor. We believe that a well-designed token is the best means of coordinating a network, aligning interests and incentivising ecosystem growth.

Incentivise Positive Actions

The purpose of the FACTR token is to coordinate the Defactor ecosystem and incentivise positive actions from all ecosystem participants – be they validators, asset originators or active token holders. Tokens will be awarded for actions such as referrals and successfully completing deals. They will also be offered as an incentive for asset originators and other key ecosystem partners to contribute to the platform.

Network Access

$FACTR is required to access Defactor’s services. Asset Originators must pay a fee in $FACTR for platform access. This fee will be based on a spread of the financial value of the transaction being processed.


Token holders who stake $FACTR will be eligible for staking rewards. This gives a further incentive to hold $FACTR and enables a wider global community to participate in the Defactor ecosystem and avail of its benefits.


$FACTR is the governance token of the Defactor network, which allows token holders to signal and support the operations of the ecosystem and delegate powers to its participants.

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