Enabling traditional businesses to finance their real-world assets through DeFi

Defactor is making liquidity accessible for businesses new to blockchain technology by connecting them to DeFi liquidity providers.

Why defactor?

Closing the Funding Gap

There is a major gap in global financing.  The Trade Finance gap is at $1.5T USD* alone. Defactor is providing an alternative source of finance to close the funding gap.

Source: Asian Development Bank, 2021

Knowledge Gap

Traditional lenders are ill-equipped to understand and lend to new digital economies. Defactor is growing an ecosystem with multiple sources of liquidity to improve the availability of liquidity. Multiple sources of liquidity mitigates the risk of a liquidity squeeze.

Barriers to Entry

Asset Originator face high barriers to entry DeFi including long onboarding times and a lack of technical expertise. Defactor is reducing onboarding times and interactions with the blockchain for a seamless integration.

Stability & Growth

The DeFi ecosystem is in need of onboarding real-world assets for stability. Defactor maintains high standards of risk management when assessing a potential asset originator, bringing stability and security to DeFi.

How does it work?

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