We are building a global community of investors and businesses who know how to put capital to work.

Tokenising assets in the “real world” enables decentralised finance at scale.  If you are seeking new lines of credit for your business or if you could provide liquidity to solid businesses around the world.   We’d love to talk.  

Our Mission

To bridge the funding gap

There is a major gap in global financing.  The Trade Finance gap is at $1.5T USD* alone. Defactor is providing an alternative source of finance to help close the funding gap.

Source: Asian Development Bank, 2021

To provide knowledge

Traditional lenders don’t understand or service new digital economies. We aim to educate on opportunites and new asset classes to be a leader in decentralised finance adoption.

To simplify

Businesses face high barriers to entry DeFi including long onboarding times and a lack of technical expertise. Defactor is reducing onboarding times and interactions with the blockchain for a seamless integration.

Stable Growth


Decentralised Finance needs the lower volatility collateral which only real-world can provide. 

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