The bridge between traditional and decentralised finance

We provide a platform for asset originators globally to compliment their traditional finance providers with Defi.

The Problem

Real World Asset Originators are being onboarded slowly to the DeFi ecosystem, they do not have the time, or technical skills needed to build solutions to access or manage liquidity pools

Scarcity of Expertise

Highly Complex

High Cost of Scaling

Risks Unknown

Asset Originators are forced into using manual processes to access liquidity in the DeFi space
Asset Originators do not have efficient tools to manage liquidity pools
Investors have little visibility on what underlies their investments today and have limited access to real world assets or a diversity of investments
On ramp and off ramp of funds is tricky as end users require FIAT

Our Solution

Defactor provides the integration and risk management tools for RWA originators to access and manage their DeFi processes.

  • A simple to use platform and API stack for Asset Originators to authenticate and onboard their assets.
  • DeFi liquidity pools Connectors
  • Crypto <> Fiat Bridging
  • Risk Factor Framework providing investors with protection through insurance.
  • Strong Governance and community support for members

$FACTR Token

$FACTR aligns all interests in the growth and success of the network and community.

Stake Weighted Governance

$FACTR holders can vote on key operational decisions and activities such as fees, target markets & risk appetite.

Incentivising Positive Actions

Positive actions are rewarded with $FACTR, those who own are partners in the system and are rewarded for their contribution as as asset originators, deal managers, validators, stakers etc.

Reduced Fees

Large stakers of Defactor will be able to avail of discounts on rates charged, their stake at risk is counted towards their reputational scorecard.

Network Access

Staked $FACTR is required for access to the network and our partners.



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