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springpad II now open

Finance your business with confidence.

business Finance

Springpad II
now open

Finance your business with confidence.


Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance and enable companies around the world to achieve economic growth.

We believe providing access to this new connected economy will empower a new age of financial freedoms. As one of the first platforms to put real-world assets (RWAs) onto the blockchain, Defactor is on the forefront of the financing revolution.


Accelerating Growth

Small and mid-size businesses across the global struggle to secure investments which impedes growth and development. Traditional financing options can be lengthy, cumbersome, costly, and have unachievable criteria.

Alternative financing through decentralized finance (DeFi) is created an explosion of liquidity and offers innovative ways to facilitate trading, lending, and investing.

Funding Gap

Banks have withdrawn from the SME lending space resulting in a major gap in global financing.  Trade Finance alone at $1.5T USD*

Source: Asian Development Bank, 2021

Knowledge Gap

Existing lenders are ill-equipped to understand and lend to new digital economies

Barriers to Entry

RWAOs (Real World Asset Originator) face high barriers to enter DeFi including long on-boarding times and lack of technical expertise

Stability & Growth

The DeFi ecosystem is in need of onboarding real world assets for stability and future growth

Building the future of financing

We provide a simple and secure way for real-world asset originators looking for financing and innovative investors looking for liquidity to leverage DeFi ecosystem.  By leveraging our platform, the native $FACTR token, and broader ecosystem, Defactor provides a seamless and secure process that supports the ambitions of our communities, clients, and investors. 

Learn more about becoming asset originator, the next Springpad program, or the token.

The Gateway to DeFi

We take care of the complexity

We work with partners and investors to secure and onboard liquidity to the platform. Today we leverage Centrifuge and will continue to expand across ecosystems. On the asset originator side of the equation, our integrated platform provides a seamless end-to-end process for tokenizing assets and securing financing.  

We enable this open network of stakeholders to tap into the benefit of a decentralized financial system–access to all.

gateway to defi

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