$FACTR Token

$FACTR is the native token of Defactor. We believe that a well-designed token is the best means of coordinating a network, aligning interests and incentivising ecosystem growth.

$FACTR is available on these exchanges.

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FACTR Token Contract on Ethereum

FACTR Token Contract on Polygon

Contract: 0xe0bCEEF36F3a6eFDd5EEBFACD591423f8549B9D5

Token economics

Total Supply


Association: Tokens set aside for the association will be controlled by the Defactor DAO, once a governance system is implemented and control over the operations have become sufficiently decentralised.

Private/Public Sale: These tokens were allocated to buyers that participated in the presale and launch sale.

Staking Rewards: Staking rewards are emitted through staking contracts where token holder lock their $FACTR.

Ecosystem & Partnerships: Partners and other parties in the Defactor ecosystem may be entitled to $FACTR tokens to incentivise ecosystem growth or reward accomplishments that gave positively impacted the ecosystem.

Team & Contributors: The team and the advisors, will be entitled to tokens which will serve a three-year vesting period.

Tokenomics graph

Token Release Schedule

*This data is an estimated projection of the token release schedule