$FACTR Token

$FACTR is the native token of Defactor. We believe that a well-designed token is the best means of coordinating a network, aligning interests and incentivising ecosystem growth.

Network Access

The $FACTR token is required by asset originators to access the Defactor platform and services. Asset originators may be required a fee for each funding term.


Token holders that stake $FACTR will receive rewards. Staking locks the tokens in smart contracts for a fixed period of time. Rewards are correlated to time staked.


$FACTR will introduce a governance model to manage and optimise the network. It will allow token holders to participate in community decision-making.

Incentivise Positive Actions

A rewards program will be introduced and tokens will be given for referrals of asset originators and partners, through an ambassador program.

Token economics

Total Supply


Association: Tokens set aside for the association will be controlled by the Defactor DAO, once a governance system is implemented and control over the operations have become sufficiently decentralised.

Private/Public Sale: These tokens were allocated to buyers that participated in the presale and launch sale.

Staking Rewards: Staking rewards are emitted through staking contracts where token holder lock their $FACTR.

Ecosystem & Partnerships: Partners and other parties in the Defactor ecosystem may be entitled to $FACTR tokens to incentivise ecosystem growth or reward accomplishments that gave positively impacted the ecosystem.

Team & Contributors: The team and the advisors, will be entitled to tokens which will serve a three-year vesting period.

Tokenomics graph

Token Release Schedule


Contract Address:  0xdefac16715671b7b6aeefe012125f1e19ee4b7d7

We have made staking available to all token holders through our partners xPortal and Mantra DAO. Clicking on the Stake Now button will redirect you to the site where you will be able to stake your $FACTR tokens.



No Lockup



30 Day Lockup



90 Day Lockup



180 Day Lockup


AOs have to hold tokens for network
Limits supply which increases demand
The AOs FACTR tokens will be locked in a smart contract for the entire funding term
Decreases circulation
Participation in governance of platform
Making decisions which affect real change and be a member of our community
Buyback-and-make model
Revenue is used to buy-back $FACTR and distribute to positive actors
There is a max supply

Partners & Claiming

We have partnered with Mantra DAO and xPortal to provide staking solutions to our token holders

For those of you that need to claim tokens please click on the Claim Now button and that will lead you to the xPortal site where you can claim your tokens