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We enable innovative businesses to secure alternative sources for funding. Small and medium-sized businesses can overcome financing challenges and tap into the growing liquidity available in DeFi.

Springpad II applications now open.

springpad II

Are you ready to secure financing for your business?

Our Springpad program is now accepting applications through April 30th, 2022.  We invite you to submit and if selected, will work with you throughout the process.   There are three simple steps in the initial online application stage:

1) Creating an account
2) Company verification requirements for KYC and AML
3) Profile of company

The Genesis: The First Springpad

We launched our first Springpad program in December 2021 and within weeks received over 50 applications. These candidates represented businesses from across industries, global markets, and asset classes.

The final 3 candidates our in the final stages of onboarding and include: An invoicing finance solution provider from Latin America, a global supply management technology company, and Europe-based traditional beverage company.

Stay tuned for more on our genesis candidates. If you are interested in joining our next cohort, learn more Springpad II.

Defactor Transactions

The first asset originator, ConsolFreight, was onboarded in 2021. Shortly after, Springpad I launched and soon will onboarding 3 additional candidates. To track transactions flowing through the platform, feel free to follow our live dashboard.