$FACTR Token Staking Now Available!

Following our token launch, we’re delighted to announce that from 2pm UTC today staking will be available for our $FACTR token! This will give all of our new token holders the opportunity to earn a yield on their $FACTR, participate in our exciting token ecosystem, and receive all the benefits which come from being an early $FACTR holder!

More information on our staking options can be found here https://defactor.com/stake/

For the first 30 days we will be offering double APY and the following staking options will be available:

  • No Lockup — 16%
  • 30 days — 40%
  • 90 days — 60%
  • 180 days — 80%

After 30 days the APY will reduce by half so the rewards will be:

  • No Lockup — 8%
  • 30 days — 20%
  • 90 days — 30%
  • 180 days — 40%


Our partners at XPortal are providing the staking service: https://defactor.xportal.app/staking

To stake on Xportal you have to do the following:

  1. Connect your metamask wallet
  2. Enter the amount of tokens you would like to stake
  3. Choose from the Stake drop down which staking option you would like
  4. Click on stake

Claiming your tokens

To claim your tokens go to our claiming URL: https://defactor.xportal.app/vault

  1. Connect your metamask wallet in order to proceed
  2. In the portal you will be able to see:
  3. the total tokens in the vesting schedule
  4. the number of tokens available in the next vesting period (Next Claim)
  5. The number of tokens that have been vested
  6. The number of tokens that are locked
  7. To claim your tokens click on Claim and Transfer and accept the transfer into your metamask wallet